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Case based reasoning Advertisement Detection Age Related Macular Degeneration Analytics Animal Diagnostics Animal Health Screening Assess muscle and ligament degradtion Automated Planning Biofilm removal; Brand and logo image analysis

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NFC Relay Attack Countermeasure

A standards-compliant, terminal-based solution to relay attacks on NFC. Prevent contactless card fraud from the growing threat of this attack vector.

ICT Enquiry
EnzBeads: Biofouling control in the process industries

Next generation enzyme-functionalized nano-bead system for biofilm dispersion

Physical Sciences Enquiry
Control Malfunctions and Reliability caused by Parasitic Electrostatic Force in MEMS

Avoid Malfunctions & Reduced Reliability. Increase Accuracy & Resolution.

ICT Enquiry

Rapid Prototype Manufacture of Polymeric Microfluidics inserts and Devices

Physical Sciences Enquiry
Improved Dye-Sentitized Solar Cells

Iodine-Free Electrolyte for DyeSensitized Solar Cells

Physical Sciences Enquiry
Epigenetic Therapy

Epigenetic Therapy for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Life Sciences Enquiry
Microfluidics Cell Culture Platform

Microfluidic Cell Culture Platform for Cell Based Assays

Life Sciences Enquiry
Retinal Technology

Novel Topical Therapeutic for Retinal Vascular Disease

Life Sciences Enquiry
Glycodiagnostic Diagnostic Test

Prognostic test for the early detection of Endometritis in cattle.

Food, Vet & Ag Enquiry

Tamper-proof food traceability through direct imprinting of smartphone-readable data matrices onto food.

Food, Vet & Ag Enquiry
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