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Evaluate and Compare Medical Devices Connected Health

Evaluation Framework for Connected Health Technologies

Holistic Evaluation Framework Digital and Connected Health Technologies

This framework provides a flexible tool to help academic and/or industry personnel to evaluate if a device is fit-for-purpose based on their particular application requirements including but not limited to, clinical trials, provider services, and pilot studies proposing to use connected health, home-monitoring or wearable technology.
How It Works
The framework will guide the user through a desk-based evaluation process consisting of three core steps: 1. Application requirements definition: this step prompts the user to define their application requirements. This enables a more targeted device search while allowing the user to clearly judge whether selected devices are fit-for-purpose; 2. Device identification: this step helps the user conduct an efficient yet comprehensive web search in order to identify available devices that match application requirements; 3. Device evaluation and comparison: this step guides the user through a comprehensive device evaluation process. Devices are evaluated according to six different domains: Background Information; Cost and Supply Information; Regulatory Compliance; Scientific Evidence; Technical Evaluation and Human Factors. Where there is more than one device being evaluated, the tool will also assist users to compare devices to each other in order to determine which devices best satisfy application requirements.
The framework will: - assist the user to better define the study / trial / service requirements at the beginning of the device selection process; - assist the user to identify available devices which match requirements in an efficient yet comprehensive manner; - allow users to assess devices against a holistic evaluation framework; - allow users to more effectively choose the best possible available device worthy of field evaluation in a systematic manner. - generate a robust rationale for device selection.
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