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water treatment Biofilm removal; nanobeads

EnzBeads: Biofouling control in the process industries

Next generation enzyme-functionalized nano-bead system for biofilm dispersion

A new, cost-effective and environmental friendly method of removing unwanted biofilms from industrial scale surfaces. The patented technology is based on the use of enzyme-functionalised nano-beads as a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly anti-biofilm and anti-fouling agents
How It Works
While conventional biocides are effective in biofouling control, they are potentially hazardous to the environment and in some cases corrosive to materials. Enzymatic approaches have been shown to be effective and can overcome the disadvantages of traditional biocides, however they are typically uneconomic for routine biofouling control. The robust and reusable enzyme-functionalized nano-bead system have excellent biofilm dispersion properties.
Environmentally safe Cost Effective Robust Reusable 30-40% reduction in Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilm over 24 hour period
Patent filed
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