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Fibroblasts are extensively used in biomedical research as control or feeder cells. Due to lack of a reliable fibroblast marker it has been difficult to establish a reliable and pure colony of fibroblasts. We have used the physiologically property of rapid migration by fibroblasts as a feature to isolate and culture a highly pure population of fibroblasts. The availability of pure fibroblasts population is essential for reliable biomedical research involving use of these cells. Our approach of isolating the primary fibroblasts provides a highly pure and reliable population of fibroblasts for biomedical and drug discovery applications.
How It Works
Primary fibroblasts were isolated from thoracic aorta of Rat (Sprague Dawley strain, 150-200 grams). These fibroblasts have a doubling time of < 1 day and can be passaged for up to 80 cycles.
The key feature is our ability to segregate potential contaminating cells (i.e., endothelium and smooth muscle cells) with complete efficiency. Secondly, we allow the fibroblasts to migrate into the cell culture plate rather than use any mechanical approach to isolate them. Hence our approach enhances the quality of primary smooth muscles isolated. This purchase is a confluent T-25 flask of cells. Please note that VAT may apply, and in some cases there may be a subsequent charge for shipping. We will contact you if any additional shipping charges apply.
For all other enquries please don't hesitate to contact us
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