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Rapid Prototype Manufacture of Polymeric Microfluidics inserts and Devices

The novel technology developed by the Microfluidic Group in UCD, funded by Enterprise Ireland allows the rapid manufacture of low-cost microfluidic inserts suitable for either small multiple prototype runs or for scale up polymer manufacture of 10,000+ parts using medical polymers, taking less than 1 hour for the manufacture and preparation of industrially viable inserts with features as low as 100 micron. A key issue for production of plastic microfluidics is fabrication of inverted microstructured tools. Mass production tools must be strong, durable, with the required feature size and aspect ratio, maintain a good demolding capability with a feasible draft angle, appropriate surface finish and a good cost/performance ratio. Normally technologies are slow (days) and/or expensive requiring the manufacture .
How It Works
A novel processing technology developed by UCD allows the rapid manufacture of inserts based on any design with features above 100nm
Cost-effective: Low cost capital equipment and consumables No limitation on aspect ratio: No limitation; Aspect ratio of 10x Fast prototyping: Commercial (and environmentally friendly) inserts manufactured in less than 1 hour Design flexibility: Ability to rapidly improve and modify prototype designs Industrially batches: Inserts are suitable for commercial injection moulding equipment.
Technology know-how
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