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DSSCs Photovoltaic Indoor light PV Dye-Sentitized Solar Cells

Improved Dye-Sentitized Solar Cells

Iodine-Free Electrolyte for DyeSensitized Solar Cells

Dye-Sentitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) are an emerging low-cost third generation photovoltaic technology particularly suited for efficient light to-electricity conversion in indoors low-light environments. Electrolyte leakage due to the corrosive nature of iodine/iodide-containing electrolytes is currently the key issue preventing the technology’s productisation and wider deployment.
How It Works
UCD researchers have invented a new type of quasi-solid-state electrolyte based on metal oxides and viscous non-volatile solvents available off the shelves.
Easy deposition of the electrolyte mixture on the nanostructured electrodes. Non-aggressive electrolyte composition based on commercially available materials.
A priority patent application was filed in the UK in Q2 2013, onwards to nationalisation in Q4 2015
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