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Cell Based Assays In vitro drug combination studies Microfluidic Cell Culture Platform

Microfluidics Cell Culture Platform

Microfluidic Cell Culture Platform for Cell Based Assays

UCD researchers have developed a microfluidic cell culture platform for cell-based assays that simultaneously exposes cells to multiple linear concentration gradients formed in different directions. Diffusion-based, stable gradients can be formed within one hour and can be maintained for days without inducing shear stresses on the cells. The platform is suitable for medium throughput screening with brightfield or fluorescence visualization/quantitation of cells via microscopic imaging or a plate reader. Combinatorial drug screening and dose optimization studies can be performed, where equal numbers of cells are exposed to combinations of each compound at defined concentrations. Other potential applications include cell migration, live-cell tracking and post-fixation immunocytochemistry.
How It Works
The microfluidic cell culture platform is based on passive diffusion of molecules from four microfluidic flow channels that run parallel to the edges of a square shaped cell culture chamber. The flow channels and the cell culture chamber are interconnected via orthogonal micro-channels that act as diffusion barriers. Up to four concentration gradients can be formed in a single cell culture chamber.
Facilitates combinatorial cell based assays, where cell modulation by up to four different molecules acting in a competing or collaborative manner can be measured. The prototype is easy to manufacture, using photolithography methods. The design is scalable and the device can be used with microfluidic pump solutions.
Priority patent application filed on 5/9/2013
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